Makeup can make all the difference to how professional and polished you look.

Video meetings, webinars and video recordings are here to stay!

As a long time television producer one of the first things I always said after I booked a guest for a segment was “Don’t worry we’ll do your hair and makeup!”

That’s not the case anymore my friends! 

With more and more media outlets interviewing guests from their homes and video becoming more popular than ever – you need to learn to look your best on camera.

Join a special group Virtual Makeup Lesson Party with my dear friend and former Fox News Channel colleague Iren Halperin. 

Iren has been in the biz for nearly 30 years and has done makeup for all the stars you see on television news! She’s worked at Fox 5 in New York, Fox News Channel, and A&E.

Plus I’ve been fortunate to have her do my makeup for personal and professional events as well. And she’s worked with many of my private clients too. 

She knows her stuff! She shared all her tips and tricks so you can look your best on video. 

There is a difference between how you do your makeup every day and how you should be doing it for video and television. 

Iren gives step-by-step instructions so you can follow along to get a polished and professional look!

 Plus, you’ll get personalized advice and get the inside scoop on what products to use.

Watch the Makeup Lesson Now!